About Me

Thank you for clicking here to find about more about me.  

Since I was a kid I've been obsessed with  film, whether it was movies or still images.

I wished I had followed my dreams and made a career out of film, but that wasn't in the cards for me.  Instead I worked for 10 years as an environmental consultant and now over 15 years as a high school science teacher.  

Of course I shot a lot of photos over the years as a hobby and have always been an early adopter of new digital technology.  I am equally obsessive about digital film making.

Now after about ten years of practice I am turning my passion into a side hustle. 

Video work is a little scarce right now since there are very few events being held inside, but life goes on and there are small events that need to be documented and I feel that is my niche right now.

Therefore, if you are hosting a small outdoor event that requires a photographer or videographer, please contact me for an estimate.

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